Functions of Mobile VPN

A mobile VPN or mobile virtual private network gives the mobile devices access to software applications and network sources on their network at home when they want to connect through wired and other wireless networks.

Functions of Mobile VPN

A Mobile VPN is used in an environment where the users or workers need to maintain the application sessions open all the time, all throughout the working hours since they connect through different wireless networks, suspend and resume the devices to prolong battery like or encounter of gaps in coverage. In these events, a traditional VPN cannot withstand since there is a disruption of the network tunnel, in effect, the applications needed by the worker will disconnect, fail, time out or even crash of the computing device.

Functions of Mobile VPN

Mobile VPN is commonly used in hospital settings, home care, field service management, public safety, other industries and utilities. Today, more and more people have adopted the mobile VPN, both by the mobile professionals as well as the white-collar job workers.

The functions of mobile VPNs are the following:

  • Persistence – With mobile VPN, open applications remain open, available and active in case the wireless connection has been interrupted or changed. A laptop just goes into hibernation and for handheld users, they can simply suspend and resume the device.
  • Roaming – The underlying virtual connection will remain intact in case the device will switch to another network. With the mobile VPN, the logins are automatically handled.
  • Application compatibility – The software applications that are running as “always-connected” in the wired LAN environment can run without modification when you use a mobile VPN.
  • Security – It enforces authentication of the device, the user or both. Also, it includes the data traffic encryption to comply with the security standards like the FIPS 140-2.
  • Acceleration – Improved performance of data compression and link optimization over wireless networks most especially with cellular networks where they constrain bandwidth.
  • Strong authentication – It enforces either two-factor or multi-factor authentication by using the combination of a smart card, password, biometric device or public key certificate.

Using a mobile VPN will provide you with various functions that can help improve your efficiency and performance with your work or other activities.

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