Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access (PIA) is a VPN service that is personal and lightweight that hides the user’s activities on the Internet from eavesdroppers. This is done by passing the data via an encrypted tunnel. Also, it can support multiple technologies of the VPN like PPTP, SOCKS5, OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec. In 2013, the PIA was named as the Editor’s Choice of PC Magazine, one of the many reasons is its advanced features such as DNS Leak Protection, IPv6 Leak Protection, Internet Kill Switch and Access via UDP/TCP.

Andrew Lee is the CEO of PIA, the parent company is London Trust Media and he happens to be the founder of the trading exchange of Bitcoin, Mt. Gox.

Private Internet Access

PIA is described as a personal VPN service that is extremely minimalistic, it can pass all the user’s virtual activities through an encrypted tunnel to avoid eavesdroppers from interfering the information of the user. In case you have a growing concern about government surveillance or just want to avoid aggressive advertising, you may opt to change an IP address coupled with a VPN service like PIA so that nobody can trace your online activities.

Private Internet Access

From the beginning, it was very clear that PIA excels among the programs within the category because it is unique in the virtual world that has become a crowded market. At first, people find it a little dubious since PIA showed it can do a lot of things while people perceived that VPN service should just perform one thing well. Aside from the questions that surfaced about performance, it showed a number of available settings and options that are unusual. It is very clear that PIA is developed for advanced users but still, its basic functions can be understood well by complete beginners.

It is very important that a VPN service can offer multi-device support as well as a wide array of features. PIA possesses these features, the reason why it out-performed and out-featured its competitors. In fact, it received a rating of 4.5 stars which sets a bar high and received an Editors’ Choice in the category of paid VPN services.

PIA uses a technology that is OpenVPN SSL in creating its encrypted tunnel. The user will be guided through the website’s information; it gives a guide on how to properly setup the connection with the use of a Windows VPN client. In case you do not want to download the PIA software, you can use the downloading instructions of the OpenVPN and import it to an OpenVPN client. It is like downloading the free service of VPNBook.

In addition, PIA offers a Mac OS X and Windows client. If you are using an Android device and runs Ice Cream Sandwich and higher, you can make use of an app that is on Google Play. However, for older iOS and Android devices, there is no available app so the users can follow the configuration instructions manually.

If you do not want to use the VPN settings, it will be better to use the Hotspot Shield of Anchor Free which offers for both Android and iOs app. Also, PIA provides instructions on how to configure Ubuntu Linux and all other devices like routers with DD-WRT or Tomato installed software.

PIA is one of the programs available that has achieved many citations and awards because they provide tons of features that other tools do not provide. In the case of Norton Hotspot privacy of Symantec, a single account can connect to multiple devices, a maximum of three devices. This makes a lot of sense since people now are generally using multiple devices and to shell out every device can be an additional cost.

With regards to speed and performance, it does not lag even when you are surfing the Web or watching videos online. Even if you connect to overseas servers, you can hardly notice any degradation of its performance.

Finally, the PIA’s long list of features has brought significant benefits to the Digital Age.

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