The Benefits of VPN Internet

A VPN Internet is a solution if a company or business organization wants to establish a secured network and long-distance connections. Normally, a VPN is deployed by organizations or businesses than individuals. To understand VPN, this article lists down the benefits and advantages it can provide especially for local area networking.

The Benefits of VPN Internet

For an organization that is looking for a secured network infrastructure, having a VPN can provide two main advantages compared to other alternative technologies. These are cost savings as well as network scalability. For the clients who are accessing VPN, it can provide benefits like it is easy to use.

Cost Savings

One of the main advantages of a VPN is that the organization can save money in situations like elimination of expensive leased lines for long-distance calls, reduction of long-distance charges and offloading of support costs.

The Benefits of VPN Internet
  • Compared to leased lines, a VPN can help the organization save money. Before, organizations need to rent a network capacity like the T1 lines in order to achieve a secured and full connectivity between the office locations. Today, when an organization has a VPN, they can make use of the public network infrastructure as well as the Internet to create connections and tap into a virtual network through a much more affordable leased line in the area or employ broadband connections that is close to the business.
  • Another advantage of having a VPN is that it can lower down cost of long-distance phone bills since it can replace the remote access servers and the dialup network connections that are commonly used by businesses in the past. For instance, with a VPN Internet, the clients of the organization can just connect to the provider’s nearest service access point.
  • The support costs of an organization will be lesser since they can simply outsource service providers for the needed technical support. With this, the organization will enjoy a lower cost at the same time improve the services they provide to their clients.

Network Scalability

If an organization decides to build a private network, it is reasonable during the beginning of the business but the cost increases when the organization grows. For example, when a company has two branches, it only needs a single dedicated line so that the two branches can connect but having 4 branches need 6 dedicated lines, 6 branches need 15 lines. This means that as the organization grows, it needs more dedicated private network lines which can increase the cost.

On the other hand, VPN Internet prevents the network scalability problem since it can simply tap into the readily available network capacity and public lines. This is a more significant advantage for organizations that have international and remote locations, it can offer superior quality of service and reach.

How to use a VPN?

In using a VPN, each client should possess a correct networking hardware or software to support their computers and local networks. If VPN is properly set-up, the solutions are very easy to use, in fact, it can work automatically being part of the network sign on. Also, the technology of VPN works well with the local area networking. There are organizations that use VPNs so that they can secure their wireless connections to the local access points. These solutions can provide a strong protection but they cannot affect the performance.

There is no doubt that the installation of a VPN can provide many advantages and benefits for a growing organization.

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