The Best Free Services of Anonymous Surfing

The 21st century is called the Digital Age, it is where information is becoming more public than private. It is very evident that the pervasiveness and the growth of the Internet have greatly influenced people’s lives, as a result, the concern for privacy issues has become a great concern too.

The Best Free Services of Anonymous Surfing

All individuals are entitled of their privacy in this world, this goes the same in the virtual world. With this contention, many people would want to stay anonymous in the virtual world, they all have genuine reasons, some for simple precautionary measures over personal issues and to more complicated issues like hiding activities from their spouse and preventing coercive authority. This article is not going to deal about moral, legal or ethical issues about being anonymous on the Internet but to provide some available methods on how to achieve it. Also, the programs enumerated are free software and you do not have to pay a single centavo to use their services. The basic right of everyone is privacy and you do not have to spend to get it. The programs that are presented in this article are the same programs that are most helpful in schools, libraries, cafes, workplaces and even in prepaid or public Wi-Fi hotspots.

In addition, the programs work perfectly for use in every household to avoid prying or curious eyes and they even prevent your ISP from taking an advantage of monitoring your activities on the Internet. However, you should also remember that you are not guaranteed of becoming 100% anonymous online, the programs listed below are free and they will do an excellent job of furthering your goal of becoming anonymous.

The Best Free Services of Anonymous Surfing

There are several types of connections that will enable you to surf anonymously, they are:

The Best Free Services of Anonymous Surfing
  • P2P – This means peer-to-peer, a decentralized network where the routes of the data pass through multiple peers as the only data pieces which are identifiable by keys and they are location-independent. Generally, it is secure but it has limitations since a peer can log information pertaining to the data that passes through it.
  • Proxies –There are routing machines named as proxy servers, they continually act every time you request for a data transfer or data forwarding. This will allow you to avoid communications which are directed to the telltale point where your data packets are usually handled. It gives the user a degree of security but it becomes vulnerable since the fact routes can be technically random.
  • VPN – This means virtual private network, it can secure tunnels of all your information from a point to another and the essence of a VPN is that the data transfer will appear that a remote machine is the source.

If you are greatly concerned about anonymous surfing and how to become secure on the Internet, these free programs will help you further.

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