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Today, the business organizations can choose from free and paid VPN services like the Cyber Ghost VPN, it is the Editors’ choice for free VPN and Norton Hotspot Privacy and Ipvanish VPN as the Editors’ Choice for the paid VPN service. The Private Internet Access (PIA) has out-performed its competitors and awarded as the Editors’ Choice for 2013. In the past few months, some readers of the PCMag.com reported that they received poor speed and the servers are unresponsive of the PIA. The degradation of the PIA’s service has been noticed and they were revisited.

After reading the comments about PIA’s degrading VPN service, there were no other issues reported. When the experts tested the PIA, they found out the services they offer are still in good performance and in the last few months, they added more servers and even expanded their set of features.

How Does A VPN Service Works?

Your computer possesses an IP address which is assigned by an ISP, this can be used to identify your ISP’s geographic location. For many users, it is close to your actual geographic location. With the PIA, it allows you to change your actual geographic location through overriding your IP address as assigned by the ISP. There are countries that blocked sites like China prohibits Facebook, some videos on YouTube are not allowed in Germany, Netflix is restricted in other countries except the US, with these scenarios, changing your geographic location is very useful and helpful.

VPN Service

Even if you are not hiding your actual location, it makes sense to use a VPN service since it is capable of encrypting all traffic on the Internet and makes sure that the data remains hidden. Just like other services that provide VPN, PIA does not intend to replace the worker’s corporate VPN when he logs into his work-related applications. However, it is still useful because it can protect all his online activities. The problem is that the data are protected when in transit only, if his destination site has not used HTTPS, that will remain unencrypted. In effect, the attackers can intercept the data and identify them by using complicated timing algorithms.

VPN Service

When you want to obtain a VPN service like the PIA, there are installation and payment plans. Generally, their monthly subscription is $6.95, if you want to subscribe for six months, the rate is $35.95 or a yearly subscription of $39.95. PIA is different from other competing products, they do not offer a trial or free version for users who want to try the service beforehand. For some, they are looking for a cheaper service too.

VPN Service

In case you will get a VPN service, you can use other payment options than the standard credit card, you can pay through Google Wallet, PayPal, CashU, Bitcoin, Amazon and OKPay. If you are concerned about the increasing levels of the government’s surveillance and any other uncomfortable means that can trace you, then you can opt to pay through the anonymous payment option.

The interface of the VPN service is minimal, it is practically non-existent. At the login window that serves as the settings page, it shows the encryption that you are going to use, proxy information and the default servers that you want to connect to.

Obtaining a VPN service can provide advantages for people who want to stay anonymous from the virtual world and other significant reasons in connection with their jobs or social status.

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