VPN Setup

The Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a technology that enables the user to have a secure connection to a computer on the Internet or remote private network. It is done through the establishment of an encrypted tunnel, it is the location where the private networks and remote computer hosts can communicate safely. Also, the VPN technology is built into the most current computers of Microsoft Windows.

VPN Setup

The easiest way to hook oneself with VPN is using some reputable VPN service, like HMA Pro, aka hidemyass. If you want to make everything yourself, this article will teach you how to do a free VPN setup, the steps are:

VPN Setup
  1. Click the button “Start” and click the “Control Panel” of your Windows 7 computer. It must be connected to a private network where you want to access with the use of a VPN. Then the window of “Control Panel” will appear.
  2. Look for the icon “Network and Sharing Center”, double-click it and click the “Change Adapter Settings”.
  3. Click the menu “File” then click the “New Incoming Connection”.
  4. Choose the “Through the Internet” then click the button “Next”.
  5. Click the “Internet Protocol Version 4” as listed in the protocols. Click the window that shows “Properties” and the window of “Incoming IP Properties” will appear.
  6. Click the check box that reads “Allow callers to access my local area network” then click the radio button and “OK” button.
  7. Click the button that says “Allow Access” to accept the selected settings. Click the button “Close” so that the VPN connection configuration will be completed.
  8. Configure the firewall or router to the Windows 7 computer’s IP address. Then, enable “PPTP” to pass through the firewall or router.
  9. Click the Windows 7 computer “Start” button, and then click the “Control Panel”. After, double-click the “Network and Internet” and the window will appear.
  10. Clink the link “Network and Sharing Center” then click the link that says “Set up a new connection”.
  11. Click the “Connect to a workplace” then click the button “Next”. On the next window, click the “Use my Internet connection”.
  12. Encode the IP address of the firewall or router to protect the VPN computer. Type the VPN connection’s name and then click the button “Next”.
  13. Provide the user’s account name that is permitted to connect and then the password.
  14. Click the button that says “Connect Now” to test your new VPN connection.
VPN Setup

This is how to setup a free VPN account.

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